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The Steak

The steaks we use are 100% HGH-Free, and don't have any hormones added.

About Us

Canseco's Steakhouse was founded by Jose Canseco, baseball legend. His dream for clearing his name by created a drug-free enviroment has come into fruition.

Our Mission

    We aim to provide top quality, steroid-free meats at affordable prices.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday. No HGH in here
Our head chef shows you how to make sure your food doesn't have steroids.

Wednesday. Fowl Balls
Learn what to do if Major League Baseball wants to arrest you.

Friday. Dinner with Jose
Have dinner with Jose Canseco and learn about how he ruined Baseball.

Hit the Cracker, Jack.
Every Sunday, we offer punch Jose Canseco in the face day. He knows why.


  • 1

    “I didn't taste anything that would make my balls shrivel up.”

  • 2

    “I felt like I could lift up a car after eating here.”

  • 3

    “Oh man, I hope my office doesn't have a random drug test tomorrow."